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Printable Coloring Pages

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 Yousuf Says As Salamu Alikum!  Yousuf loves to ride his skateboard!  Do you like to read like Yousuf?
 Yousuf is ready for football!


Printable Posters


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Ramadan Downloadables


Download our Neighbour Notes!This is a fun template for your friendly gift notes! Share your gift photos with us in the comments below or on social media, we’d love to see your little creations!


At the beginning of Ramadan, distribute some dates or cookies, to friends, neighbours and your children’s teachers. In the gift bag you can include a small note, explaining a little bit about Ramadan. It’s a fantastic way of doing Dawah, whilst at the same time getting your children really excited about the coming month. Thanks to Modest Munchies for this great idea!


We’ve also created a fun and colorful reference sheet complete with these three dua’s and more information, compiled for your family’s reference. Print this sheet and hang it on your refrigerator to keep the whole family involved all month!



desidollco-ramadan-neighbournotesFamily Dua' Reference Guide