So, as mentioned in Part 1, an idea comes to me, I conceptualise it, I design it, I get samples made, I go back and forth from the factories – this process can take anything from 6 months to over a year – it’s hard work!

And then someone thinks they’re really clever by copying my idea. And needless to say, I’m getting pretty fed up with it!

Come up with your own ideas! Use your brain, and and get creative! Pour your own blood, sweat and tears into your projects. Stop jumping on someone else’s bandwagon!

It’s not fair, it’s not right, and I really don’t like to say it, but in my opinion, not Islamic behaviour. And when I approach these copycats this is what their responses are:

  • “everyone’s rizq is written, sister” is a common defense
  • “it’s a different shape to yours, sister…”
  • “Yes it’s a star shape, sister, and yes, we used the same button icons as you, but, but,… it’s in a different language to yours…”
  • “I didn’t know this copyright belonged to you, sister…”
  • “Ultimately we are all trying to teach children about Islam, sister…”

And yes, you guessed it, it’s a man in all these cases who thinks he’s pretty smart – “I can take your toys to China and get them all replicated with just some small changes!” Says another bold “brother”

Where do these men get off bullying me like this? There’s only so much I can take – I try to keep my head down and just keep creating – but I’m human and a hardworking one at that! I’m allowed to feel hurt and disheartened by these “copycats”.

Where are their morals? Where are their principles? Why do they feel the need to copy and imitate? I have built my business from nothing – and 12 years later, it’s my bread and butter – My ideas, my designs. I know I’m not alone to feel like this – and unfortunately this problem isn’t limited to just Islamic toys either!

Be inspired – innovate, don’t imitate!
And back off!