We’ve got something exciting to share with you ⭐️⁠

Imposter Syndrome stopping you from moving forward in your business? Please don’t let it stop you.

Who would have thought the day would come where we would see our toys available to buy in Selfridges? Not me! I must admit it was a real pinch me moment! I’ve been going to Selfridges since I was a little girl, and so to have my talking Islamic toys in this flagship store is just surreal!⁠

And not just that – but Selfridges reaching out to us and asking us for a meeting – and that productive meeting followed quickly by an order for our fun Islamic toys! Al Hamdulillah.

Moral of the story – Believe in yourself and keep doing you! You will get noticed!

If you’re passing by Selfridges London, Birmingham or Manchester, then please do pass by and check out our growing collection of fun Islamic talking dolls, and dua’ pillows. And more importantly, allow your children to see toys that represent them and promote inclusivity.

  • I love that we are living in a time where ‘diversity’ and ‘representation’ is becoming more than just a conversation.⁠
  •  love that I can walk into one of the world’s most iconic department stores and find Desi Doll toys.⁠
  • I love that a store renowned for stocking top brands and the latest fashion trends is now stocking Desi Doll Muslim dolls and toys.⁠
  • And MOST of all I love the fact that Selfridges sought ME out, and approached me for my unique range of toys – makes a refreshing change from me persistently trying to get the attention of the UK high street stores! ⁠

I’m on a mission to make Islamic toys more accessible for everyone, by getting them stocked in as many mainstream store outlets as possible, insha’Allah. It’s only with your support that we can continue doing what we do to contribute to creating a more inclusive and tolerant society for our children to grow up in.

Personally, I feel that it’s really important that our children see Islamic faith based toys on the toy shelves when they’re out shopping for toys – so that our children feel represented, so that it nurtures their feeling of belonging in society, and therefore builds their confidence as they grow to identify themselves as proud muslims.

Please do support my toys in Selfridges – spread the word! 

If you’re a parent looking for fun Islamic toys/gifts for your children, please do check out the range in Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester and soon online at selfridges.com. If you’re looking for a beneficial gift for your nephew, niece, and you have a Selfridges store close by, then perhaps you can consider purchasing from there.

Our toys are now available at FAO Schwarz Toy Shop in Selfridges, London. ⁠Thank you, Selfridges for making this happen!⁠

Really excited for the future of Desi Doll. If you want to see touch and feel our interactive dolls and pillows, then do pop along to Selfridges London, Manchester or Birmingham and soon online at selfridges.com.⁠