How can I instil the love of Allah into my children? This is a question often asked by many parents. Unfortunately, it is not how it was once upon a time when our parents would tell us to pray and we would automatically do it.

Times have changed and so the methodology through which we teach our children also needs to be adjusted.

Choosing to buy Islamic gifts for kids is one good way to nurture the love of Allah. Children get excited just by hearing the word ‘presents;’ they love receiving gifts. So imagine the thrill on their faces opening up a new toy that they can play and learn with, all the while increasing their drive for the religion. This would be a dream come true for any parent wishing to strive their child on the straight path.

It may be hard for some of us to accept this if our thinking is ‘old school,’ where we think that sending them to Madrassah/Mosque and the parents example will be enough. But we need to change this mentality because it doesn’t work like that anymore. It may help parents here if we refer back to the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The Messenger (PBUH) loved playing with children and would first play with them and nurture their love for him before teaching them about Islam. These children ended up loving the Messenger (PBUH) and the religion so much more because of this. Therefore even the Messenger (PBUH) recognised how children loved play and used this to build relationships with the younger generation and to grow Islam. Today we have the added benefit of not just playing with our kids which is important, but playing with them using interactive Islamic toys.

So, where can we buy these Islamic toys and books? That’s what our founder Farzana asked – and this company was born! We at Desi Doll Company have been working hard for over 10 years, coming up with one toy idea after another for children to learn about the Muslim faith in a fun way.

From the first day your baby arrives home from the hospital with a beautiful Islamic Quran cot mobile, to talking dolls (reciting the Shahadah, Surahs and Muslim nursery rhymes), Islamic talking pillows (reciting the night duas before your children sleep), keyrings that recite dua’s, plus an ever-growing range of interactive Islamic sound books and the Arabic alphabet sound puzzles and play dough set, you are bound to find items that will bring a smile to your child’s face and which they will cherish with happiness.

The founder of Desi Doll is herself, a mother of 3, Farzana Rahman, who appreciating the need and importance for children to learn about and love their Islamic faith, left her banking career to design Islamic teaching toys. This is probably one of the reasons her toys have been a big hit amongst parents, and more importantly the audience for which it is aimed at: the children. Kids all over the globe have been purchasing and falling in love with the products. Something for them to hug, sleep with, cuddle, be soothed by, and sing along with – its all covered in her range of amazing products . So what are you waiting for? Check out Desi Doll company and get your kids loving Islam!