Moon & Stars Quran Cot Mobile with Light Projection

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Moon & Stars Cot Mobile with soft stars, Remote Control, Light Projection, and over 35 minutes of soothing Quran recitation.


Recites Quran

Islamic baby mobile recites 35+ specially recorded melodious Quran for baby.

Projects Light

Light up mobile with red, blue, green stars light up baby’s room at bedtime.

Faith & Fun

An enjoyable way for children and adults to learn about Islam!

Moon & Stars Cot Mobile with Remote Control, Light Projection, and over 35 minutes of soothing Quran recitation.

This Islamic cot mobile is the perfect addition to your baby's cot to entertain, comfort, and soothe your baby off to sleep.

Projects starry lights & recites 35+ minutes of gentle, soothing Quran. The beautiful moon and stars light show is just right for developing visual skills.

The soft pastel shades of five soft rotating moon and stars to entertain baby in a Islamic baby Quran cot mobile that is sure to complement any nursery. features a starry light show and comforting, soothing voice reciting Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, and much more. A great gift for new parents, our best selling Islamic baby mobile is sure to delight mums, dads, and baby alike!

Baby can hear 35+ minutes of especially recorded audio, a soothing and melodious recitation of Quran:

  • Surah Rahman
  • Surah Yaseen
  • last 2 ayahs of Surah Al Baqarah
  • Surah Nas
  • Surah Falaq
  • Surah Ikhlas
  • Ayatul Kursi
  • a beautiful lullaby


Remote control re-starts the motorised mobile, light show, and sound with volume control - so no need to disturb baby. Lights are soft red, green, and blue. The function options which are controlled by the buttons on the spaceship and the buttons on the remote control are as follows:

  • With Sound + Light projection
  • With Sound + NO Light projection
  • With Sound + rotation of toys
  • With Sound + NO rotation of toys
  • With Sound + NO rotation of toys + NO projection.
  • Volume control
  • ON/OFF



Requires 3x AAA batteries in the Cot Mobile and 2x AA in the remote control. Please note: The light projection does not function on it’s own, ie. without sound. Please note that our cot mobile can fix to a cot frame that is no wider than 36mm.

19 reviews for Moon & Stars Quran Cot Mobile with Light Projection

  1. Mariam

    Love the product. Just wondering what are the two figures on the light projector, and would love if they were not presented on the projector.

  2. Mrs Khokhar

    The most beautiful cot mobile I have ever seen in my life. It is the best thing ever for my little baby who falls asleep listening to it plus when feeding. The night time moon and star project is so lovely to calm my baby when feeding and putting him to bed. The best part is that there is a remote which allows to turn it off with disturbing my baby! I can’t thank you enough for making this! Definitely recommend this as a gift and for all babies. I wish I could upload a photo of my baby’s nursery as the cot mobile design makes the room stunning!

  3. Sameena

    I bought this for my newborn and by far it’s the best thing i ever did. My baby has slept to this playing from day one and it is the only thing that soothes her. such a great product and so versatile. I used it without the whole mobile to start with and took it to which ever room the baby was sleeping in. i would definitely recommend this for your baby or as a gift to anyone having a baby. I can’t fault it.

  4. Eniko (verified owner)

    A lovely product. One of the best buys for our baby. It soothes her when she’s sleepy and when she’s fully awake, she’s listening to the Surah’s very carefully. Definitely recommend it everyone who’s having a baby. It’s never too early to make them familiar with religion and this product is a lovely way to do it.

  5. Sabina H

    Great product. We were looking for a cot mobile that was useful & relax our new born. This was the perfect cot mobile from an Islamic perspective. As my last two were listening to twinkle twinkle and other boring nursery rhymes. Had I known before about this cot mobile I would had bought it before. It contains the popular surats and also has a remote so you can control it from your own bed. It also spins around with lights too, and was easy to assemble. Glad we purchased it.

  6. Syeda (verified owner)

    Salam bought this for my baby loved it masaAllah but there’s an issue one of the pin which connects the bottom 4 sided parts thats missing from the box unfortunately checked everything can’t find it unfortunately can someone please contact me to solve the issue please I was really excited about it

  7. rifit Akram

    Lovely mobile cot … my babies love it … however it would be nice to just have the projection on its own sometimes but unfortunately it doesn’t have that option.

  8. Maryam

    I bought this from an Islamic store. I loved the idea of it and it truly is so soothing and I love the projector. It however doesn’t fit onto my mamas and papas cot and I am so so disappointed. Wish there was a way I could shrink my cot width so I could get it on.

  9. Sister (verified owner)

    This is by far the best thing I’ve bought for my daughter. She’s nearly 4 months now and I always put it on right before she sleeps as part of her sleep routine. The recitation is beautiful!

  10. Sara

    Cannot recommend enough. My daughter is so soothed by this alhamdulillah. What a great product!

  11. Raeesa Setar

    My little one absolutely loves this! She sleeps to the sound of Laa ilaha ha and it’s so soothing and recited in such a calm voice that it gets her to sleep in no time! Brilliant product, a must have for every Muslim home. It’s very hard to get good Islamic products like these but Alhamdulillah you guys have created an exceptional cot mobile! I use it on my little one’s camp cot and it fits perfectly, the projection. lights are absolutely beautiful as well. Well done on such a great product!

  12. Rozeena

    This is such a beautiful cot mobile. It has a soothing Nasheed and follows on with surah’s. I love the light display. My baby settles with it so well. The projector can be used as a tabletop so we can continue to use the sound and light display without the mobile feature as my baby grows up.

  13. Sadia Tabsam

    I bought this for my niece and she loves it. We’ve had it for a few weeks now and it works well. The Quran recitation is an amazing asset to have. Amazing eid present for a baby.

  14. Sukaina Baudin

    This item is great. I absolutely love it and so do my kids. I highly recommend this item

  15. Asma (verified owner)

    Love the design but the lights overstimulate my baby and he finds it hard to sleep. This is more of a distraction and he wants to play when he sees the mobile rather than sleeping. But regardless I like the product idea.

  16. Ayesha (verified owner)

    I love this mobile. My daughter has been listening to the Quran from birth. One improvement/suggestion I would make is perhaps the colour of the stars to be changed to darker shades to engage a child’s sensory development. Babies can’t see lighter colours until their sight develops. Saying that, it is still a lovely product and value for money.

  17. Ayesha

    I received this as a gift for my baby daughter when she was a month old and I think it’s such a lovely idea. She loves looking at the lights and by listening to the surah’s each day inshallah it will sink in and she’ll learn them! I bought one for my nephew for Eid coming up as I am sure he’ll love it too!

  18. Asif Masaud

    What an amazing cot mobile. Has worked 100% of the time, putting my lil one to sleep. she’s 2 months now and loves it. I love it, coz I get a good nights sleep too 🙂 – Highly recommended to all parents!! A must have!

  19. Amina (verified owner)

    If I could rate this with more stars I would. It’s beautiful and the sound of the Quran is very soothing for my baby and toddler. Brilliant product and fast delivery and excellent service. I would deffinitly recommend this product to all new mums.

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Moon & Stars Quran Cot Mobile with Light Projection

Moon & Stars Cot Mobile with soft stars, Remote Control, Light Projection, and over 35 minutes of soothing Quran recitation.

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