Phonics is the primary method that children are taught to read in the U.K. Learning phonics has become a fundamental part of the Primary school curriculum, by helping children to recognise the sounds (phonemes)  in a word, and enable them to read and spell correctly. Once children are comfortable with phonics, they can start learning to read with confidence.

This article will outline some games that you can do with your children at home to improve their understanding of phonics. We have taken care to choose games that are easy to set up with materials you already have in your home.

Here are our 7+ Fun Games to Teach Phonics at Home!

Phonics Baskets

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“I Spy” Game

This classic children’s game is a brilliant way to revise the phonetic sounds of the letters.

“I Spy, with my little eye, something beginning with “a”.”

You can use a tray with different objects if you wish to focus this activity on specific letters.

Start with just a few objects, and then build up the numbers of items on the tray. Remember to use the phonetic sounds, and not the names of the letters.

A variation of this game is to go on a “Letter Treasure Hunt.” Chose a letter each day, and ask you child to search the house for objects beginning with that letter.

Bean Bag Game

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Bean Bag Letter Blend

If your child is ready to move onto digraphs (a combination of two letters), try this Bean Bag Game.

All you need are some bean bags (or rolled up socks will do!), a pen and some paper.

Ask your child to throw the bean bag onto paper with the same sound.

Phonics Hoops

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Sorting Game

This fun game requires children to sort pictures and words according to their beginning letter, or digraph.

You can ask use hoops in the garden, trays and saucepans the kitchen, or little baskets! Whatever you already have in your home!

Learning with Lego

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Lego Games

When your child is ready to learn sight words, this activity is great way to reinforce what they are learning.

Simply write the sight word along the bottom block, and ask you child to build the word with the smaller lettered blocks. This tactile approach to learning is very effective and will certainly help your children to memorise the sight-words more quickly.

You can also spell-out words by pressing the Lego pieces into play dough. This sensory experience will be a great hit with your kids!

Cup Game

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Plastic Cup Games

This game is so simple to do, but is a fantastic hands-on way of teaching your children to sound out words and begin “blending”.

By writing letters on the cups, you can construct many simple words for your child to read. Then stack another letter on top of the first, to teach your children about “word families.”

For more clever was to use plastic cups as a learning tool, click HERE.


CVC Word Building

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Grab and Sort Games

For this game, all you need are some letter beads or tiles (Scrabble tiles work well).

Then label three paper bags “C-V-C” (consonant-vowel-consonant), and fill each bag with the appropriate tiles.

Ask your child to take one from each bag and construct the word. They will need to read it out and decide if it’s a real word or a “silly” word and record it on the accompanying worksheet.


Balloon Toss Game

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Water Balloons

This is sure to be your child’s favourite of all the games listed here!

If you have some outdoor space, this energetic game will have your children laughing whilst they learn!

Write a letter on an index card and pin it to your fence.

Then, on each water balloon write a word ending (-at, -an, -it etc.). Ask your child to read out the word and if it is not a “real” word, they can throw the balloon at the letter!

These were out 7+ Fun Games to Teach Phonics at home!

Teaching young children is always most effective when done in a fun and enjoyable way. These games with help you to teach phonics to your children; helping them to build a strong understanding of the basics so they can start reading confidently.

Phonics Sound Puzzles

Phonics PuzzleOur Award-winning sound-puzzles will help your child to recognise the phonetic sounds of letters, learn new vocabulary, and encourage correct letter formation.

Our puzzles have been awarded the highest award in their category “Best Puzzle” by both Loved By Parents and Right Start.  Both Parents and teachers of phonics highly recommend our puzzles as a ‘must have’ toy for effortless and fun learning.

“My First Phonics sound puzzle” teaches the letters of the alphabet, and My Second Phonics puzzle moves onto the digraphs; where children form words like “train”, “bee” “star” etc.

The two puzzles work really well together!

As the piece is placed correctly, your child will hear the phonetic sound of that letter/digraph, the completed word, and a fun sound associated with it (e.g. train whistle).

If you would like to find out more about these puzzles, CLICK HERE.
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How have you taught phonics to your children at home?

Are you a teacher? What games have you used in the classroom to teach your students phonics? Please share your ideas with us in the comments below.