Farzana, Founder of Desi Doll Company

About Farzana Rahman, Founder of The Desi Doll Company

If you ask Farzana Rahman what is most important to her, Farzana will always tell you that it is her family and her Islamic faith.  As a mother of three, Farzana has always sought a way to ensure that her children have that same desire and love for learning about Islam as she does.

Over ten years ago, when she began The Desi Doll Company, Farzana struggled to find the resources she needed to expose her children to fun, educational tools to learn about Islam.

At that time, Farzana was a busy Mum in London juggling work in an investment bank, daycare, commuting, meal planning and bedtime. Finding the space to also create a fun atmosphere to teach her children about Islam seemed nearly impossible. As a mother, Farzana knew she had to do something to change this. Farzana left her city job, and  talking dolls Aamina and Yousuf were born.


Several lines of educational Muslim toys and many awards later, Farzana is proud to be a leading educational toymaker centered on bringing a variety of unique and innovative educational toys to the market and… Making Learning Fun!

About Desi Dolls

Aamina and Yousuf are global citizens of the world helping children from around the world to learn about Islam, and helping to encourage kids and teens to pray salah.

Designed to be a fun, educational toy, these talking dolls,  recite verses from the Quran in Arabic and then translate them into English, French, Turkish and Malay. The dolls include fun, catchy songs targeted for kids between the ages of 3-6 years, to learn basic Islamic teachings. The talking dolls are a result of years of development, testing, and of course, kid interaction, to create the best product. With buttons in the hands, feet and nose of the dolls, children can press, listen,  learn and interact with the dolls.

Interactive learning with the dolls stimulates the brain and builds positive emotional connections with the dolls. Eight years after being introduced to the market, Aamina and Yousuf have become firm and inseparable friends of children around the world! 

Bring Aamina, Yousuf and all of their friends into your home and delight  in what they have to teach your little ones!

The Desi Doll Company wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

We are delighted to have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and see it not only as a huge honour, but also as an incredible achievement that reflects our hard work in creating export markets across the globe.

It’s a very proud moment for me, my family, my colleagues and my Community, knowing that Her Majesty The Queen personally approves the winners.


Owner & Director, Desi Doll Company