Singing Plush Omar and Hana Toys

Sing along with the YouTube stars and their official Omar & Hana dolls!

Press the hands, feet, and mouth of these Omar and Hana dolls to hear them sing 10 of their most popular songs, including Insha’Allah, Alif Ba Ta, and As Salaamu Alaikum.

Licensed by the popular YouTube channel, you may have seen these Omar & Hana dolls at ASDA. They are Muslim singing plush dolls that sing with no instruments, and adjustable volume with the push of an adorable button nose!

  • Omar Singing Doll

  • Hana Singing Doll


10 Songs!

Sing 10 songs along with these Omar & Hana toys! YouTube's most popular songs for Muslim kids.

Soft Plush

34 cm (~14") soft plush Omar & Hana character doll is the perfect size for hugging!

Faith & Fun

Our unique Islamic toys are an enjoyable way for children and adults to learn about Islam!

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