Why I love The Desi Doll Company toys

Overwhelmed is an understatement as to how I felt when I gave birth to my first born. On the one hand I was so grateful to Allah for this gift and on the other I was so scared of the responsibility that was now enjoined upon me. Allah is the one who guides and I pray...

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My Dua Pillow – Bedtime buddy!

Cuddles make everything feel better, but can there be anything better than that? Desi Doll company has created this cuddly pillow which is called "My Dua Pillow". With the cute looks and soft cuddly touch, this Dua pillow has so much more to offer. Being a child means...

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Farhat Amin’s Hajj Gift Guide

Do you know someone who is going Hajj this year? Or are you looking for some Muslim children’s books to teach your kids about the meaning of Hajj? To save you time scouring the net for Hajj gifts, Hajj decorations and Hajj books, I’ve compiled the ultimate Hajj Gift...

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Benefit the Most of Ramadan

Making the most of Ramadan - you still have time - make a firm intention and stick to it! Every year the blessed month of Ramadan comes and we tell ourselves that this Ramadan it will be different, this year, this Ramadan will be a spiritual experience, we will make...

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ASDA Store List

In preparation for Eid, our Arabic Alphabet Fun Dough and Arabic Alphabet Wooden Puzzle will be available at the following ASDA stores around the United Kingdom!     Store Location BOLTON DAGENHAM GRAVESEND SLOUGH CHADDERTON WALLINGTON LOWER EARLEY ST...

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