Cuddles make everything feel better, but can there be anything better than that? Desi Doll company has created this cuddly pillow which is called “My Dua Pillow”. With the cute looks and soft cuddly touch, this Dua pillow has so much more to offer.

Being a child means you get so much love from parents and learning on every step of life. Every time I think about my childhood, I think about such a beautiful time I spent with my parents and siblings. But one of the best memories I have is from all those nights when my mother would cuddle me to bed and tell me stories. And right before sleeping, she would make all of us siblings to say Dua. She told us if we make dua before sleep time, the angels would protect us throughout the night. Somewhere I believed, it really worked because every night we slept with such comfort and ease.

Now when I look at my daughter, who is ready to learn from me. I wish I be able to do same as my mother did but with such a busy lifestyle, some days you just need a little help. Desi Doll company has made my life easy with creating their adorable Dua pillow. Since the day we got it, my daughter has been holding onto it while sleeping. She loves listening to dua before sleep and right after she wakes up.

With easy touch to play, this dua pillow has Child-safe LED lights which can become a night light for kid’s room. You can listen to 3 Quls, Ayat-ul-Kursi, night time dua and a lovely Lullaby Nasheed all from My Dua pillow. This pillow will become your kid’s bedtime buddy in no time. It has been certified and adhere to European toy safety regulations. This pillow comes in two more colours; Pastel pink and blue. Desi Doll company has other more fun and interactive toys too which will be helpful in making kids learn about Islam fun.

Make every moment of your children’s childhood special by introducing this adorable cuddly Dua pillow. Make their memories exceptional for them to cherish later. Check out their full range on their website DesiDollCompany .

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