Wow! – Ramadan goals! Everyone’s talking about them!

I thought I should get planning, put pen to paper. There seems to be an endless amount of journals around to document this in.

This year I was excited to have purchased @Ramadanlegacy planner. I was very organised and bought a whole bunch of planners which I will be gifting to family and friends together with their @thedateproject date tins! Watch out family & friends – I will be delivering soon!

What I wanted to say first is that we need to remember that everyone is at a different point in their journey of life. What works for someone, does not necessarily have to work for you. Everyone has different dynamics going on in their lives.

I’m a full time working mum, with 3 kids and elderly and ailing parents on both sides – may Allah always have mercy on our parents as they brought us up when we were little, Ameen.

We need to remember some families are dealing with very little ones, some dealing with elderly parents, some dealing with sick family members some having health issues physical or mental, or other family or work issues.

Then, of course, on the flip side there are those who have the opportunity to spend 100% of their time focussing on Ramadan and completing multiple readings of the Quran, extra ibadah and doing good deeds for others Masha’Allah. Good for them! Let’s hope they remember the ummah in their dua’s.

Life is not easy or straightforward for everyone.

Let’s try not to compare ourselves with others.

Let’s focus on being inspired by each other, and let’s not feel disappointed in ourselves for not managing the same as others.

As long as we’re doing our best – rest assured knowing that Allah knows our situation.

For me, spiritually, my goal is always to achieve more than I did last Ramadan.

And this is the same goal I have consistently every year. If I achieve that, I am happy, Al Hamdulillah.

With this in mind, my 1st goal this year that I have my heart set on is completing one reading of the Quran Insha’Allah.

Note, that this has been my goal for as long as I can remember, but despite my efforts I have never quite got there. However I can say that every year I edge closer to that completion, yay!

During Ramadan, I usually try to read a few pages after each salah, and throughout the day, but when I find myself falling behind, it’s very difficult to catch up.

This year again, my goal is to complete one reading of the Quran, and Insha’Allah this year I will do it!

How can I be so certain? I am making every effort from my part, and the rest is up to Allah. I am committing to reading Quran at 6pm every day. 1 juz per day.

As some of you may know I am registered with for some time now and they do wonderful programmes for muslim women throughout the year. It’s because of that I now have a routine of reading Surah Kahf on the day of Jum’ah, a beautiful sunnah.

This year are arranging a programme where ladies can join together daily to read 1 juz of the Quran daily at a specified time. And don’t worry, there is also an option for super slow readers too, if that’s you 🙂

What’s more they also have a crash course programme of 6 days where you can learn the Arabic alphabet and read Quran in time for Ramadan – what a blessing! Don’t be shy or embarrassed! You’re never too old to learn! May Allah make it easy for all those taking steps towards reading the Quran. Ameen.

My 2nd goal is to understand the main messages of each juz.

Last year I would go on a long walk during the day, put my airpods in and listen to @yasirqadhi who does exactly this ie. a 60 minute synopsis of each juz, which I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed.

This year I may do the same again, or listen to another, perhaps @muftimenk is doing something similar, or even @saalim.alazhari. I love listening to a variety of Shaykhs.

My 3rd goal is to pray the 5 Salah as soon as the Adhan goes.

My 4th goal is to pray Taraweeh every night, and

My 5th goal is pray Tahajjud Salah daily. My aim is to make it a routine, to wake a little earlier to pray Tahajjud before eating Suhoor.

My daily planner will help me check in with myself and keep me on track Insha’Allah.

Have you started thinking about your Ramadan goals? What’s top of your list?