The Desi Doll Company hit the road this month traveling to Istanbul, Turkey for Toyzeria Toy Fair, which took place from October 28th to November 1st 2015,   at the Istanbul Expo Centre.  Comprised mostly of toy makers and distributors, The Desi Doll Company was happy to be one of a few foreign Toy companies to exhibit at this year’s expo for the launch of the Turkish/Arabic speaking Aamina and Yousuf Dolls.  The Desi Doll Company founder Farzana Rahman along with two associates spent the five days of the expo meeting new Turkish buyers, introducing their unique toy range,  and of course enjoying Halal Burger King!   When not at the expo, and with their limited time, the three ladies managed to explore some of the amazing sites of Istanbul by night, particularly enjoyed the Hamam experience.  

Toyzeria Expo in Istanbul, Turkey

Our crew at the Toy Fair in Istanbul, Turkey enjoyed meeting all the local and international toy makers during the five day event.

Meeting new toymakers at Istanbul Toy Fair was a highlight of the event

The Desi Doll Company made great friends with several of the other vendors including their exhibiting neighbours Pixie Crew. “It is so fun to see what other toy manufacturers are coming up with for their products…and to have my kids birthday pressies sorted!,” said Mrs. Rahman.

Exploring Istanbul At Night

Enjoying the sites of Istanbul after the expo ended each day at 7 PM. This beautiful ancient city has so much to be admired.


Farzana, besides being excited about the chance to expand into the Turkish market, was fascinated by the business culture,

“I was surprised by two things, one was that  hardly anyone at the Toy Fair spoke English (apart from the organisers of course, Spielwarnesse, who incidentally were amazingly wonderful), and secondly that the event was very male dominated!  We had hired a translator by the second day and were grateful for the opportunity to speak to many potential buyers, not only from Turkey, but also from Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Syria.  We are excited to see where this goes,” said Farzana.


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