Rabbi al-Awwal is possibly the most important month in the history of Islam, and even in the history of Mankind! It is the third month of the Islamic calendar, after Muharram and Safa.

It is in this month that humanity was blessed with the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the last prophet and Messenger of Allah (SWT). He came with the ultimate truth and the final Divine message for mankind. It is also during this month that 63 years later he departed this world.

Muslims around the world, from different cultures and different countries mark this month in different ways.

Some people take the opportunity of this month to do more Dhikr (remembering Allah and his prophet), reciting poetry about the Prophet, and singing Nasheeds about the prophet (Islamic songs).

Some people choose to simply remind themselves of the life of the Prophet and reflecting on his last sermon.

During this significant month, many parents choose to focus their children’s learning onto the Seerah (Prophethood) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Studying Seerah in Rabbi al-Awwal, is not more meritorious than in other months, but rather it provides a focus for your child’s Islamic studies. As their knowledge of him (SAW) increases, so will their connection and love for him too insha’Allah.

We have searched online, looking for the best resources available to use with your kids this Rabi al-Awwal.

This is our 15 Childrens Activities for Rabi al-Awwal!



 Children love to sing! Songs are a fantastic way to help children remember important facts about the Seerah and the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). Nasheeds have an incredible ability to move the heart, even in young children.

These are a few of our favourite children’s nasheeds about the Prophet (SAW):

The nasheed, “Tala al Badra Alaina” was sung by the children of Medina to welcome Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to the blessed city. Teach your children the words to this beautiful song with this Youtube video.

Rabi Ul Awal Stories

84e1fd25-e566-44f5-a003-54ea117dcdd3 The Seerah is essentially a story. If you are not comfortable telling the story yourself, there are many well-written Islamic children’s books available that narrate the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)in a way that is relatable to children.

These include:

It is also a great idea to read the Prophet’s Last Sermon to your children and discuss it. What message did they take from it? How did it make them feel?

When you are teaching your children Seerah, remember it is not just learning facts and dates; it’s about invoking emotions of love in them and teaching them deeper lessons about character and faith.

If your child enjoys workbooks, try these FREE Seerah worksheets available from Iqra Foundation.


 Games are a fun way to engage children in learning the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Whilst your children play, they are learning beneficial knowledge at the same time.

We recommend:

Our Islamic talking dolls, Aamina and Yousef, are perfect for introducing young children to Arabic phrases like “Subhanullah”, “La illaha ill Allah”, and saying “Alhumdulillah” after sneezing! They also recite Quran and they sing nasheeds too! In addition to Arabic, Aamina and Yousef are available in Malay, Turkish, French and English!

Islamic DVDs

During Rabi al-Awwal, instead of the usual kid’s TV programmes, encourage your family to sit down together and watch an Islamic children’s DVD.

For younger children, we love Hooray for Baba Ali, which teaches children about the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad in a light-hearted and endearing way! It’s utterly charming!

Older children may enjoy watching the animated film Muhammad the Last Prophet.


Seerah-inspired Crafts

For those of you who have creative children, or even if your kids enjoy hands-on activities, doing a craft inspired by the Seerah is a great way to encourage them to learn more about the Prophet (SAW).

Here are some of our favourite crafts to do this Rabi al-Awwal:

Revive a Sunnah

 Amr ibn Awf reported: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said,

Know that whoever revives my practice when it has died out after me will have a reward similar to those who act upon it without detracting from his reward in the slightest…” (Tirmidhi)


Best way to remember and celebrate the Prophet (SAW) is to embody his teachings and follow his Sunnah in our lives and in our homes.

Encourage your children to memorize the Prophetic duaas for meal-times, on sleeping, on waking etc.

The What to say when game from Learning Roots is an enjoyable way for kids to learn about the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

Children learn from your example too, so this month make an extra effort to perform as many Sunnah acts in your home. You children will see the extra effort you are making, and will imitate you.


An effective way of inculcating love for the Messenger of Allah (SAW) in your children is to make salawaat, sending Peace and Blessing on the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Collectively coming together as a family, or praying for the Prophet individually, will have a profound impact on the hearts of your children, and bring Barakah into you homes insha’Allah.

When you are busy, play these salawat in your home, whilst the children play:

There are so many ways to bring the Seerah of the Prophet alive in your homes to celebrate Rabi al-Awwal; but more important than the activities or the books, are the emotions and connections your children form with the best of creation; Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

How do you encourage your children to develop a deeper love for the Prophet of Allah (SAW)?

Do you have any nasheeds or other resources to recommend to us?

We would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the section below.