If you watched your children get all excited about Christmas, and you are now wondering how to create those feelings for Ramadan, you are not alone. It’s a common concern for parents, especially if they’re living in a country such as the UK, USA, or within Europe where secular festivals are hyped up for weeks. I totally understand this problem.


Allah has given us 2 Eids, and these need to be marked and celebrated so that our children know that in Islam we have our celebrations too!


We are very fortunate these days that there is no shortage of amazing Muslim owned companies that are helping to create excitement around Ramadan and Eid for children, with their beautifully designed decorations and ornaments. Or you spend time as a family and create your own! There are plenty of wonderful crafty ideas around that are free to download – like our free Ramadan quiz with answers, fun colouring pages, posters, and neighbor notes to explain Ramadan to your neighbors!

It certainly helps create a great Ramadan buzz in the home!


This is just one of the reasons why I set up The Desi Doll Company. I wanted to create toys that would give our children an exciting buzz and teach them about Islam whilst having fun!


An Interactive Story Sound Book!

I designed our My Ramadan Dua’ book to tell a story about Ramadan that kids could relate to. I also wanted this sound book to teach popular dua’s and surahs for this special month. So that they could easily hear and learn these dua’s, and have an understanding of their meaning. All in one handy book!

And the cherry on the cake is the very important Eid Takbeer! A beautiful praising of Allah and his messenger, to celebrate the day of Eid. Not to mention Mum’s irresistible brownie recipe, which is great fun to make with the kids! Who doesn’t love brownies?!





An Exciting Countdown!

Another creation is our Ramadan Countdown calendar, with its mobile crescent-shaped ‘moon marker’. Kids love moving the ‘moon marker’ from pocket to pocket, as they countdown the days to Eid! Another key feature is the cut-out crescent shapes on each pocket that helps children to become familiar with the concept of the changing phases of the moon as it passes through the month.

And parents can fill these generously sized pockets with treats, sweets, good deed cards, with a couple of extra-large pockets for Eid gifts! Make each day of the month more exciting with Ramadan Trivia – download our Ramadan quiz questions and answers PDF here.



Ramadan Is The Month For Additional Worship

It’s an ideal time to teach our children about salah! We noticed how much children love their iPads these days and created our interactive Salah pads to mimic just that! Our latest version is bursting with colour, and comes with fun lights and a little pop-out stand to prop it up.

Children can learn how to perform Wudu, and complete 2 rakahs of Salah. Children can also press, listen and learn the Adhan, Iqama, dua’s after salah and much more! When they press a picture, they can hear what to recite in that Salah position.

With our iPray Salah Pads your children will easily master salah in no time at all!




And that’s not all…

Alhamdulillah, over the last 12 years, The Desi Doll Company has designed and launched some valuable Muslim dolls, toys and books for Islamic kids that benefit mini Muslims worldwide.

It gives parents the choice to buy toys that will not only be fun, but be Islamically beneficial for their children. Through our engaging and interactive toys, we aim to nurture delicate little hearts with knowledge and understanding of Islam from the youngest of ages. Building confident little Muslims!

We have done the hard work so you can place any of our toys in your child’s hand knowing they will be gently learning about Islam – easily and happily, Insha’Allah. Browse our Ramadan range today…