NEW English/Arabic Speaking Aamina (No Surah Falaq)

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Listen and learn!

16″ soft plush doll talks and sings with interactive hands, feet, and nose. This is an enjoyable way for your children to learn about Islam and its teachings!

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New and improved, English/Arabic Aamina doll talks and sings!

Learning about Islam is so much fun with your new friend, Aamina! Now with 2 Levels included – that’s 4 additional surahs!

PLEASE NOTE: Aamina does NOT include Surah Al Falaq

  • Slide the switch to hear two levels of content!
  • 16” soft plush doll that speaks and sings when you press hands, feet and nose.
  • Muslim doll recites Surahs, says Islamic phrases, and sings Fun songs
  • Aamina speaks with interactive hands, feet, and nose
  • Over four minutes of sound: our beautiful voiceovers: Sara Tamim, age 9 (Level 1) and Hanan Muhammad (Level 2)
  • Fun way for young children to learn about Islam
  • Ages 3+

This is an enjoyable way for your children to learn about Islam and it’s teachings.

Aamina will recite essential Quranic words, phrases and now, SIX surahs together with their meanings, including their original

Level 1 content:

  • Surah Al Fatiha (in Arabic with English translation)
  • Surah Al Ikhlas (in Arabic with English translation)
  • As-Salamu ‘Alaykum
  • Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
  • Lailaha illallah Muhammadur-Rasulullah
  • Fi Amanillah
  • A’udhu billahi minash shaytanir-rajeem
  • Insha’Allah and Masha’Allah
  • Al-Hamduillah
  • Subhanallah
  • Jazakallahu Khayrun
  • 5 fun songs about Islam

And new, Level 2 content:

  • Surah Al Kawthar (in Arabic with English translation)
  • Surah Al Kafiroon (in Arabic with English translation)
  • Surah An Naas (in Arabic with English translation)
  • Surah Al Asr (in Arabic with English translation)

Does NOT include Surah Al Falaq.

Please note that Muslim dolls speak English and Arabic only.  All dolls meet all the required British and European, Health and Safety requirements CE, EN71, and Rohs certified. (Age: 3+ Years). Please note that photographs of the product colours on the packaging may differ to the actual product colours in the box. Requires 3x AA batteries.

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19 reviews for NEW English/Arabic Speaking Aamina (No Surah Falaq)

  1. Jules997

    Awesome doll, my daughter can’t stop playing with her new friend and the best thing is she doesn’t even realise she’s learning all the lovely phrases, words and surahs Aamina teaches her. Great present for any parent, uncle, aunty, grandparent to buy the kids.

  2. Kit Kat

    Salam to all
    It’s a good idea! My daughter only 15 months and she start to say few words and she trys to copy Aamina words. It’s a great present for a Muslim child, think about all the rewards you will get when little child prays.

  3. Umm Jamila

    I am very very very happy with it. Only one thing. The anasheed contains music, which I don’t like. Two things cannot combine in one heart; Qur’aan and Music.

  4. Yvonne7112

    I got this doll for my grand daughter for the EID and I love the doll and I’m sure my grand daughter will love it too.

  5. Aisyah

    A good effort to help children learn Islamic values and exposed them to prayer recital at an early age. It is actually far better looking when seen face to face.

  6. Mona

    My daughter has learned so much from this doll.
    The customer service from the company is very good mashAllah. We had a problem with our original Amina and they sent us a new one alhamdulillah.

    As one previous reviewer mentioned, music and Quran don’t mix. I put the Quran cassette for my daughter and opposed to the cassette with songs in.

    Overall pleased with the doll and the service. Jazakhallahukhairun.

  7. anisa (supermuslimmummy

    beautiful doll ma sha Allah, my 5 year old loves aamina. its a really good way for your child to learn the kalimah and several other muslim phrases. the customer service is amazing subhnaAllah. May Allah bless all those involved in creating this product.

  8. Radhia

    When Ammaarah insists that Aamina also needs to be buckled up when we are driving ❤️❤️❤️ @suhaylakids, this has certainly been one of her favourite gifts Aamina, the talking muslim doll has been such a blessing to have in our home, especially during this month of Ramadaan. Hearing Ammaarah sing along to songs such as ‘A Muslim prays 5 times a day, salaah, salaah…’ or hearing her recite Surah Fatiha together with Aamina absolutely warms my heart. And even better, having Ammaarah ask me questions such as ‘what is the 5 pillars of Islam?’ has made me exceptionally proud to have Aamina be a part of our lives. After Ammaarah started school earlier this year, I have been amazed at her development and it has made me realize how important this time of her life is. This is where her foundation begins, and this is where I have the best opportunity to instill characteristics in her which I believe to be good and which I believe would please our Almighty (IA). And whilst being a working mom, it is exceptionally difficult to find the time to talk about things like the 5 pillars of Islam, and Aamina has certainly forced me to make the time! She has become my little reminder of what is important during times when I became so busy with life (Alhamd, Alhamd, alhamd). And as an added bonus, because I know all mums of little girls will attest to this, one of the best things about this doll is that all her clothing items are sewed onto her! Now Ammaarah cannot undress her and leave her lying around bare like her other dolls (absolutely brilliant right?!). And and, for those of you whom have little sons, Aamina has a brother named Yousuf May we all always be protected and guided IA, and may we all be given the strength to raise our tiny little muslimahs to be the best that they can be in the eyes of the Almighty! .

  9. Christine

    Just got it today! My daughter loves it! Nama saya Aminah. She loves learning the surahs.

  10. Safia

    Have this my girls love it..thryr also learning i also have the yusuf doll well worth the mony!!

  11. Rabi

    We Love the doll aamina and the Salah pad

  12. Bushra

    Just received delivery of this doll. I purchased it for my daughter who is 7 and we both love it. JZk

  13. Misbaha

    My daughter has this and she LOVES it and my son secretly plays with it too lol. So many different things the doll says and so cute. Great work guys

  14. Shaziya

    I like very much I want amina for my little princess

  15. Super Muslim Mommy

    Masha Allah. Congratulations. We love the Aamina doll and the arabic puzzle. We use the puzzle everyday and DD5 plays with Aamina everyday and has learnt so much. JazakAllah khair x

  16. Janine

    we really do love all your products MashAllah and everything you are doing.. of course we have yusuf doll and aminah too who has been with us from the very beginning and still going strong

  17. Kimberly

    Fantastic doll!
    My daughter has not put this doll down. She is 2 and already picking Up the little songs and shahada. I also like that the clothes are sewn on and I don’t have to hunt for every piece of clothing!

  18. Shameem Akhtar

    This toy is a must for children as they learn so much!

  19. Aisha (verified owner)

    Advertised as including Surah Al Falaq, says it on the box too but it’s not included. A week later I received an e-mail informing me that it was due to a technical error. No discount offered. Very disappointed in this false advertising.

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