It’s 60 days until Ramadan and just a few days away from Rajab.

Rajab is the month in which we should prepare for Ramadan, scholars encourage us to increase our ibadah during this month, to recite the Quran more and ask for forgiveness.

Let’s make sure we’re ready for Ramadan by asking forgiveness from Allah from now so we can be sure our dua’s will be more readily accepted in Ramadan Insha’Allah!

Last year I started preparing for Ramadan in Rajab, by seeking forgiveness and reciting Astaghfirullah 75,000 times over the month.

I found myself continuously asking for Allah’s forgiveness. I felt so productive – like I was doing something really beneficial and it felt so, so, good – my heart felt refreshed – I highly recommend you try it!

75,000 sounds like a lot but it’s certainly achievable! If I can do it so can you!

Break it down – Astaghfirullah takes 1 second to say – so in 60 seconds you’ve said it 60 times! And it 8 minutes you’ve said it 500 times!

Just 8 minutes of Astaghfar after each Salah makes 2,500 per day – or mix it up! I also say it when out walking, shopping, driving, and even cooking too! It really helps channel my energy and focus for the better. I use a digital counter – which I reset once I reach 2,500 – you’ll surprise yourself and end up doing far more!

Let’s lighten and refresh our hearts together and prepare to meet Ramadan in the best state – striving for forgiveness in the days and months before it begins.

Seeking repentance is a Sunnah.

This post is totally inspired by the amazing scholars @rabata_org who are always encouraging good habits.

Oh Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha’ban and allow us to reach Ramadan. Ameen.

Have you started preparing for Ramadan? Will you join the Istighfar challenge? Let me know on Instagram!