As Muslim parents, one of our greatest responsibilities is to nurture and instill a strong Muslim identity in our children.

This task may seem challenging, but with the right tools and strategies, we can guide our little ones to embrace their faith with love and confidence.

In this blog post, we explore valuable tips and strategies to help you nurture a strong Muslim identity in your children through play and education.

And don’t worry, if you get stuck you will find our Islamic toys offer a helping hand! There’s a special few that can really help.


Introduce Islamic Values through Play:

To nurture a strong Muslim identity, it’s essential to introduce Islamic values to your children from an early age. Incorporate toys and games that teach and reinforce these values. Look for toys that encourage kindness, generosity, honesty, and empathy. Islamic-themed puzzles, board games, and building blocks can be excellent tools to make learning enjoyable and interactive.

This is exactly why we started our brand and created Aamina & Yousuf, talking Muslim dolls that both encourage these values and offer a friendly companion for our children. Explore our Talking Plush Dolls.


Provide Accessible Islamic Resources:

Ensure that your children have easy access to age-appropriate Islamic resources. Consider creating a dedicated corner in your home filled with Islamic books and toys. By making these resources readily available, you encourage curiosity and foster a love for learning about Islam.

We’ve created our line of Islamic sound books with this in mind – accessible Islamic resources for children with age-appropriate content and fun, engaging stories and illustrations. Plus, hear elements from the story or learn more easily with sound! View our library of Islamic children’s books.


Celebrate Islamic Festivals with Joy and Meaning:

Make Islamic festivals, such as Ramadan and Eid, memorable and meaningful for your children. Engage them in age-appropriate activities like decorating the house, preparing traditional food, and engaging in charitable acts. Use toys and crafts that represent Islamic symbols and traditions to create a festive atmosphere and reinforce the significance of these special occasions.


Encourage Role Play and Dress-Up:

Children love to engage in imaginative play and role-playing activities. Encourage them to dress up as scholars, or notable figures from Islamic history. Provide them with costumes and props that represent these characters, allowing them to learn and embody Islamic virtues through play. This helps them develop a sense of pride in their faith and a deeper understanding of their heritage.

Use dolls to talk about hijab and modesty. All our dolls have removable hijabs, making it a fun and interactive conversation to have with children. We also offer a special edition range of Aamina & Yousuf in more formal dress, including a bisht, throbe, and Aamina’s beautiful abaya!


Emphasise Islamic Stories and Teachings:

Share captivating Islamic stories with your children to inspire their imagination and nurture their Muslim identity. Incorporate interactive toys or puppets to make the storytelling experience even more engaging and memorable.

Use our Arabic Alphabet Play Mat to host imaginary play sessions – and help encourage early learning of Arabic letter forms. View our Arabic Alphabet Play Mat.


As Muslim mothers, we have the privilege and responsibility of nurturing a strong Muslim identity in our children. By integrating play, education, and the values of Islam, we can instill in them a love for their faith and a deep-rooted sense of belonging.

Through the guidance and support of our Muslim toy company, we hope these tips and strategies will inspire you to create an environment that fosters your children’s spiritual growth, imagination, and love for Islam. Together, let’s raise a generation that embraces their Muslim identity with pride and confidence!