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Make selling Desi Doll Company products easier with our product images, information, and videos.


We want our retailers to have success selling our Islamic toys for kids, so we’ve compiled all of our high quality product images, social media sharables, videos, and more in one handy folder. Find direct links to each product’s materials below, or access the entire Desi Doll Company brand folder.

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My Little Muslim Friends

Designed to encourage an understanding of Islam through talking toys for Muslim kids and more- these adorable dolls show that all kids just like to have fun!

  • Mohammed, Item No. 403
  • Zakariya, Item No. 404
  • Fatima, Item No. 405
  • Maryam, Item No.  406
  • Hana, Item No. 407
  • Iman, Item No. 408
  • Lina Ballerina, Item No. 409
  • Dina Ballerina, Item No. 410

Our Original Talking Pillows

Cozy and cute, these talking Islamic pillows light up and speak, teaching dua’ and the Quran to kids in a soothing, calming way.

  • My Dua Pillow Yellow, Item No. 702 
  • My Dua Pillow Pink, Item No. 802
  • My Dua Pillow Blue, Item No. 902
  • My Quran Pillow, Item No. 703
  • Dua Key Ring, Item No. 705
Islamic Pillows with Light & Sound
Islamic Pillows with Light & Sound

Our Original Talking Pillows – Flippable Sequins Range

Sparkling and fun, these talking Islamic pillows light up and speak, teaching dua’ and the Quran to kids in a soothing, calming way. Each pillow flips sequins between two fun colours!

My Dua’ Pillows:

  • Sequin Blue/Silver, Item No. 607
  • Sequin Pink/Silver, Item No. 609
  • Sequin Lt Blue/Pearl, Item No. 606
  • Sequin Purple/Turq, Item No. 610
  • Sequin Rose/Gold, Item No. 608 

My Dua’ Keyrings:

  • Sequin Blue/Silver, Item No. 707
  • Sequin Pink/Silver, Item No. 709
  • Sequin Lt Blue/Pearl, Item No. 706
  • Sequin Purple/Turq, Item No. 710
  • Sequin Rose/Gold, Item No. 708 

Islamic Toys for Babies

Designed for babies and toddlers, our Moon & Stars Quran Cot Mobile and soft cloth books are perfect for teaching Islam to babies & toddlers in a fun way!


  • Cot Mobile, Item No. 900
  • Soft Cloth Alphabet Book, Item No. 903
  • Soft Cloth Number Book, Item No. 904
Talking Muslim Plushies
Ramadan Toys for Kids

Ramadan Toys for Kids

Our limited-time-only Ramadan toys make the perfect Eid gifts for kids.


  • Ramadan Book, Item No. 701
  • Calendar Purple, Item No. 401
  • Calendar Green, Item No. 402

Islamic Talking Dolls

An enjoyable way for all children to learn about Islam and its teachings! Aamina & Yousuf are 16″ talking plush Islamic dolls, with interactive hands, feet, and noses!


  • Aamina Talking Doll, Item No. 206
  • Aamina Cartridge, Item No. 204
  • Yousuf Talking Doll,  Item No. 208
  • Yousuf Cartridge, Item No. 205
Creative Ways to Teach Arabic

Creative Toys to Make Learning Fun

A fun way to teach the Arabic Alphabet, and other toys to make learning more fun- and creative!


  • Arabic Alphabet Fun Dough, Item No. 202
  • Colouring Pencils, Item No. 111

Educational Islamic Books with Sound

Each of our books speaks, sings, and some even have multipe language settings! These are a fun way to foster a love of reading and of Islam in kids!


  • 99 Names of Allah Book, Item No. 106
  • Bismillah Book, Item No. 201
  • My Daily Dua Book 1, Item No. 501
  • My Daily Dua Book 2, Item No. 502
Talking Books for Muslim Kids
Creative Ways to Teach Arabic

Penny the Prayer Bear

 The Desi Doll Company is very proud to have been working closely with the team at Penny Appeal to create Penny The Prayer Bear.

Penny the Prayer Bear, Item No. 901

Arabic Puzzles & Interactive Islamic Pads

Engage little ones with our talking Islamic puzzles teach and entertain. Learn Salah and Wudu with our interactive Islamic toy tablets.


  • iPray Salah Pad, Pink Item No. 211, Blue Item No. 212
  • Arabic Alphabet Sound Puzzle, Item No. 107
  • Arabic Non Sound Puzzle, Item No. 108
Talking Puzzles that Teach Arabic and Salah

Brand Assets

In this folder you can find our yearly catalog, logos, social media graphics, and a variety of web graphics for retailer use.