Perhaps not the most traditional event to introduce a children’s toy product , but The Desi Doll Company felt it would be a great professional platform to launch Malay/Arabic speaking Aamina.

The Desi Doll Company exhibited at the WIEF, from November 3rd-5th 2015,  which this year was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia.  With a prime location right at the entrance of the expo, the Desi Doll Compnay founder Farzana Rahman had the prime spot to meet many people interested in the Malay/Arabic speaking Aamina doll.  Eventgoers were so delighted in the product they were asking to buy on the spot. Unfortunately, the few show models of the dolls and toy range were claimed very quickly,  with one of them finding its way into the hands of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak!  It was a good first day!

Farzana held a press conference for the release of the the Malay/Arabic Speaking Dolls and was excited to have been reported upon by the local Malaysia News Straits Times.

“It was so nice to have been able to launch the Malay/Arabic Speaking dolls in Malaysia. The range received a wonderful response from not only the Malay people but also visitors from Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Morocco and Qatar.The Malay people are very warm and welcoming, and I was able to build some great connections whilst at WIEF, ” said Farzana Rahman.   

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