Read a Ramadan book together
Most of us tend to read to our children at bedtime, swap your storybook for our Ramadan Dua’ Book. You’ll find all the essential Dua’s for Ramadan in both Arabic and English and enjoy reading this lighthearted and fun story about Ramadan and Eid!

Set Ramadan goals with the kids

It’s great that we set our Ramadan goals but have you thought about setting simple Ramadan goals with the children? Keep the goals super simple and attainable, like put some money in the charity tin.

Ramadan Calendar countdown
Use our Ramadan Calendar to countdown the days until the end of Ramadan and create a buzz for them. Fill the pockets with sweets, treats, quiz cards and bring the magic of Ramadan, and the countdown to Eid to life.

Give charity
We all know giving charity is highly recommended in Ramadan. Get them involved in picking the Ramadan charity you support this year. Perhaps take them shopping to buy food items to donate to the food bank.

Break your fasts together
As part of Ramadan falls over the Easter holidays, get your children to join in with Iftar and make ta fun meal for them. There’s a joy in eating together that brings a family together. Make them a special treat for Iftar to make it extra special.

Do a fun activity together
Ramadan is a time for connection. We may struggle with time but find some time in the day to do a fun activity together. Our fun dough activity buckets are great for this and will provide hours of fun at the same time help them identify and learn the Arabic alphabet.

Plan an Eid party for them
Everyone loves a good party. Get a few of their Muslim friends or cousins together for a small Eid party. Make it special by creating fun little games for them and dressing the table up for them. There’s a great selection at

What are you going to be doing with the kids Ramadan to inspire them?

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